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Gebelein, Mark Chapman, Tahseen Mirza.

Synthesis of Antitumor Polysaccharides. Foster, David Giron, Philip D. Mary Trombley, Nancy J. Biegley, Charles E. Debra A. Wrobieski, David L. London, Bruce E.


Lehnert et al. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction The biological and biomedical applications of polymeric materials have increased greatly in the past few years. This book will detail some, but not all, of these recent developments. There would not be enough space in this book to cover, even lightly, all of the major advances that have occurred. Of these three, "Bioacti ve Polymeric Systems" should be the most useful to a person who is new to this field because it only contains review articles written at an introductory level.

The present book primarily consists of recent research results and applications, with only a few review or summary articles. Renz J, Reyes C. Repair of a floating sternum with autologous rib grafts and polylactide bioabsorbable struts in an year-old male. J Pediatr Surg. Use of asymmetric multilayer polylactide nanofiber mats in controlled release of drugs and prevention of liver cancer recurrence after surgery in mice.

The effect of beta-tricalcium phosphate on mechanical and thermal performances of poly lactic acid. J Compos Mater. Published online before print March 4, ; doi:. Homogeneous hydrolytic degradation of poly lactic-co-glycolic acid microspheres: Mathematical modeling. Polym Degrad Stab. Lipsa R, Tudoraschi N. The polymeric crystallinity effect on the responses of bone marrow stromal cells. Bioresorbable electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds loaded with bioactive molecules.

The influence of bioactive additives on polylactide accelerated degradation : e-Polymers

Polylactide PLA -based nanocomposites. Prog Polym Sci.

J Nanomater. The evaluation of the possibilities of using PLGA co-polymer and its composites with carbon fibers or hydroxyapatite in the bone tissue regeneration process — in vitro and in vivo examinations.

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Int J Mol Sci. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. Fabrication of functional PLGA-based electrospun scaffolds and their applications in biomedical engineering. J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. ISO Biological evaluation of medical devices. Mechanisms of polymer degradation and erosion. Degradation of poly lactide-co-glycolide and its composites with carbon fibres and hydroxyapatite in rabbit femoral bone.

Polym Adv Technol. Pielichowska K. Thermooxidative degradation of polyoxymethylene homo- and copolymer nanocomposites with hydroxyapatite: kinetic and thermoanalytical study. Thermochim Acta. Export Citation. User Account Log in Register Help. Search Close Advanced Search Help.

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Volume 15 Issue 6 Nov , pp. Volume 14 Issue 6 Nov , pp. Volume 13 Issue 1 Dec Volume 12 Issue 1 Dec Volume 11 Issue 1 Dec Volume 10 Issue 1 Dec Volume 9 Issue 1 Dec Volume 8 Issue 1 Dec Volume 7 Issue 1 Dec Volume 6 Issue 1 Dec Volume 5 Issue 1 Dec Volume 4 Issue 1 Dec Graphene: promising nanoplatform for biomedical applications Carbon nanotube-based matrices for tisue engineering Mesoporous bioactive glasses for biomedical composites Fiber-reinforced polymer: applications in biomedical engineering Polymer-matrix composites for rapid tooling in clinical dentistry Trend of nanofibers in dental regeneration: perspectives and challenges Gold nanocomposites for biomedical applications Clinical applications of bioactive materials Silver nanoparticles as unique nanodrugs.

He has published 17 books previously with Elsevier as well as over peer reviewed papers and 20 book chapters.

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She is an experienced researcher in the field of fabrication of biomedical thin coatings by laser processing. She has published over 40 research and review papers in the field of nanobiomaterials and several book chapters on the application of laser processing in biomedical field. She is also the assistant editor of the journal Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry.

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