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The aging network and the home modification needs of elders more. Publisher: ingentaconnect. Enduring questions in gerontology more. Publisher: books.

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Geriatric rehabilitation: Linking aging, health, and disability policy more. ABSTRACT Rehabilitation interventions for older persons are largely limited to traditional health care therapies such as physical or occupational therapy. The authors propose a broader conceptualization of geriatric rehabilitation that The authors propose a broader conceptualization of geriatric rehabilitation that encompasses rehabilitation interventions that support independ and disability policies providing rehabilitation interventions are reviewed and evaluated.

The differences in the continuum of long-term care and rehabilitation services through the overlapping policy objectives of the Rehabilitation Act and the Older Americans Act are contrasted.

  1. Enduring Questions in Gerontology / Edition 1.
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  5. The dilemma of integrating current aging and disability policies is explored and how existing public policies might be reformed is considered. C Aspen Publishers, Inc. Publisher: journals.

    Clinical Sciences. Incorporating independent living outcomes within rehabilitation agencies: Older disabled persons as an underserved population more. Debra J.

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    Publisher: dps. Disability policy , Assistive Technology , and Independent Living. State assistive technology policies and programs for older adults with disabilities: trends and innovations more. Both current and future gerontologists will find this book useful in examining emerging dilemmas and creating a context for further progress in the field of aging.

    The most creative thinkers contributing to the gerontological literature reflect on their disciplines, consider how key questions have emerged, review how they have changed in the decades since gerontology entered the fray, and speculate what may lie ahead. The resulting collection of essays offers a comprehensive perspective on the enduring questions in gerontology and how they have shaped our understanding of differences in the experience of old age.

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    Key contributors to this volume include: George L. Maddox Christine L.


    Andrew Achenbaum James E. Journal for the scientific study of Religion, , Handbook of aging and the social sciences, , International handbook of population aging, , Journal of Applied Gerontology 30 2 , , International Migration Review 38 2 , , Articles 1—20 Show more.

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    Help Privacy Terms. Religious involvement and social resources: evidence from the data set" Americans' changing lives" E Bradley Journal for the scientific study of Religion, , How older people think about images of aging in advertising and the media D Bradley, C Longino Generations 25 3 , , In retirement migration, who counts? Migration and psychological well-being among older adults: A growth curve analysis based on panel data from the health and retirement study, DE Bradley, M Van Willigen Journal of Aging and Health 22 7 , ,