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Grigorenko npj 2D Materials and Applications 3 , Fernandes , Joana Cabral , Tim J. Whybrow , Predrag Petrovic , Anthony C. Kringelbach Scientific Reports 9 , Research 19 September Open Access Inferring neural signalling directionality from undirected structural connectomes Neural signalling is directional, but non-invasive neuroimaging methods are unable to map directed connections between brain regions. Nature Communications 10 , Nature , Research 18 September Integer factorization using stochastic magnetic tunnel junctions A probabilistic computer utilizing probabilistic bits, or p-bits, is implemented with stochastic nanomagnetic devices in a neural-network-inspired electrical circuit operating at room temperature and demonstrates integer factorization up to News and Comment Comments and Opinion 18 September Real-time flu tracking By monitoring social media, scientists can monitor outbreaks as they happen.

Nature , SS News and Views 18 September Stochastic magnetic circuits rival quantum computing Circuits based on the stochastic evolution of nanoscale magnets have been used to split large numbers into prime-number factors — a problem that only quantum computers were previously expected to solve efficiently. Nature Electronics 2 , Editorial 11 September Return of cybernetics Brain—machine interfaces were envisioned already in the s by Norbert Wiener, the father of cybernetics.

Nature Machine Intelligence 1 , Nature Research menu. Ted Sichelman Professor of Law.

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Thomas A. Smith Professor of Law.

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I , pp. North Holland, pp. Theory, pp.

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