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Amanda Plummer as Nettie Cobb. Valri Bromfield as Jerzyk. Duncan Fraser as Priest. Shane Meier as Brian Rusk. William Morgan Sheppard as Father Meehan.

Stuart Aikins. Don S. Davis as Reverend Rose.

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Mary Gail Artz. Barbara Cohen. Campbell Lane as Frank Jewett. Eric Schneider as Henry Beaufort. Frank C. Turner as Pete Jerzyk. Gillian Barber as Myrtle Keeton. Deborah Wakeham as Myra. Tamsin Kelsey as Sheila Ratcliff. Lochlyn Munro as John LaPointe.

Bill Croft as Andy Clutterbuck. Deejay Jackson as Eddie Warburton. Ann Warn Pegg as Ruth Roberts. Jackson as Eddie Warburton. Gary Paller as George Cobb. Sarah Sawatsky as 14 Year Old Girl. Robert Easton as Lester Pratt. Mike Chute as Young Hugh.

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Melvin Allen as Baseball Announcer. Mel Allen as Baseball Announcer. Trevor Denman as Race Track Announcer. Lisa Blount as Cora Rusk. Apr 17, Full Review…. Jun 11, Rating: 2.

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Jan 1, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews Oct 30, It has the vibe of a TV movie, with unconvincing melodrama.

Needful Things by Stephen King

There is some good work to be had, especially from Ed Harris, but most of the characters lack any depth. Far from being scary, Needful Things succeeds mostly at being bland and predictable. Jeffrey M Super Reviewer.

Apr 16, Moreover, there's nothing to be done with the source material except hire the greatest actor ever, Max Von Sydow, as the antagonist. And when boring pranks and Sydow's brilliant performance are the only two things running the show we get one depressing movie about nothing so - considering it was directed by gun-holding douche-bag Charlton Heston's son - just bow everything up. Terrible film. Max Von Sydow: amazing.

Such a shame. Jonny B Super Reviewer. Jan 29, Ed Harris did a good job. Sophie B Super Reviewer. The performances are uniformly on the nose: Von Sydow shows again the relish for villainy that made his Ming The Merciless such a delight and Harris tackles the responsibility of standing up for wholesome human values.

Needful Things by Stephen King

Among the great supporting psychos, Amanda Plummer is notable as a mousy waitress manipulated into a cleaver-and-knife cat fight with a wicked turkey farmer, and the always-reliable J. Walsh is a corrupt politico who hates his nickname so much he kills people who use it. A refreshingly loony movie, this is silly if you think about it, but consistently entertaining if you don't. By Jack Yeovil Posted 1 Jan Community Showcase More.

Needful Things

Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Gaunt: The young carpenter from Nazareth? I knew him well. Promising young man.

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