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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. When the walls of Max and Finlay's den start crumbling away, little do the mates know that everything is about to change.

Trapped inside the wall is the ancient god Hercules and he needs their help. The friends must complete a terrifying challenge every day for seven days and can choose only one of Hercules's superpowers at a time. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Silent Night, Deadly Night is the best version of this movie that I can imagine. The script is way tighter than it needs to be in terms of setting up and executing the major moving pieces of the plot.

Some of the killings have real weight to them, though most are as cheap as any slasher death. There is a lot of creativity is the methods of killing, and since you actually kind of care about the main character, there is a constant tension on how it will play out for him in the end.

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I highly recommend you watch it this Christmas Season. As I stated before, the writing in this was way better than it needed to be. I expected a movie about a killer Santa to much lower effort and production value than this movie delivered. The motivations of Billy as he turns into a killer are logical and presented in a compelling way. After getting scared by his grandpa about Santa and then having his fears confirmed by witnessing his parents' death at the hands of Kris Kringle, he undertandable has some baggage about Santa.

Not satisfied with that set up alone, the screenwriters augment Billy's mental issues with Santa with a strict Catholic upbringing, including sexual shame. So needless to say, Billy is a ticking time bomb by the time he is an adult. Another indication that the writing in this movie is of higher quality is that I actually cared about the characters.

I cared about Billy and his fate because he was a three dimensional character.

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I also cared about some of his victims, especially Pamela, whose death seemed tragic in the moment. The other thing I love about this movie is the original music. This is another example of demonstrated artistic care given to a movie that no one on the surface would take seriously. The original Christmas carols in particular are fantastic, and really add to the slightly off feeling throughout the movie.

These Christmas carols sound deceptively cheery, but have weirdly ominous lyrics.

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Here is one that I've had stuck in my head ever since watching the movie: I'm not a big fan of slashers, but I must say that I enjoyed the creativity of some of the deaths. Black Christmas Review. The reactions to the phone call range from disgust and offence to amusement. The faceless killer, which can be described most accurately as a maniac, then stalks and kills several inhabitants of Pi Kappa Sigma.

Black Christmas was an interesting movie, but not the most entertaining. There are some things that work, mainly the phone calls and the cinematic treatment of the killer, but the main plot and the characters are just meh. Black Christmas can be found streaming on Shudder right now. Be sure to click through the link on our website to support the show. The killer is presented as pretty much a crazy person that wandered into their attic off the street.

In fact the killer's face is never shown. It is easy to see how Halloween was originally written as a sequel to Black Christmas. I guess one spoiler is that the killer is calling from inside the house, but given that you are shown that the killer is lying in wait in the attic the whole time, this doesn't come as much of a surprise. Overall this was a pretty straightforward film. A killer kills off sorority girls, and more! Is Black Christmas Worth Seeing?


Your mileage may vary,. So this is a rare instance where we can provide a review well in advance of a wide release. The film tells the story of an unassuming, yet prolific serial killer named Jack. It's told through a series of 5 short vignettes of some of his notable kills. Sophistication, which he writes on the grisly photos he takes of his victims. Throughout the film Jack's descriptions of his personal condition, problems and thoughts are told through a recurring conversation with the unknown "Verge". Jack views himself as a sophisticated man and the story is told through his own mixture of arrogant and narcissistic sophistry.

The film is directed by Lars Von Trier, who also directed all of those art house movies you meant to see but never got around to. Jack is played by Matt Dillon, which is probably the best part of the movie. I thought he did a fantastic job portraying a psychopath pantomiming normal human facial expressions and when required had great comedic timing. It definitely delves into the distasteful and absurd with his storage and… use of the bodies. Many of the killing scenes seem a little too real, and feel a little like watching a sudden snuff film. Uma Thurman's character all but dares Jack to murder her and he obliges.

It's almost expected. The other murders are expected, but what is surprising is their brutality and grotesqueness. The point at which the film really changes tone is when Jack murders a small family on a supposed hunting picnic.

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Little does the woman and her children know that they are the ones hunted. The set up sounds like a generic 90's thriller, but in this movie, it is a cold and brutal sequence where you get to experienc The Ritual Review.

Instead, it just showed up on my Netflix suggestion bar, and I watched it. There must be a better way to hype these things, right? Anyway, The Ritual is a well-done horror movie that capitalizes on the natural spookiness of camping and the woods. For years I worked a job that had me camping for a good portion of the year as I maintained trails in a National Forest. Just something that has been niggling at me. Bring back the interesting titles.

Back to The Ritual review! Quick Summary of The Ritual The Ritual starts off with some old college friends who are having a night out on the town in England their home.

As they leave the bar, two of the five head into a liquor store to grab something to make night-caps with and find themselves in the midst of a robbery. Our protagonist, Luke Rafe Spall hides while his friend is beaten brutally and killed for not producing his wedding ring. Fast forward a year. As they head down the trail, Dom sprains his leg in a frighteningly realistic portrayal of the kind of dumb movement it takes to sprain your leg. The group argues and squabbles until they decide that going off-trail and cutting through the forest would be faster than, you know, being smart and staying on the trail. Once they enter the forest, things break down.